Subclipse revision graph ready to be used

I have received some comments about how to download the subclipse graph plugin. Well, it is included in the subclipse installation as optional plugin since November 2008. In the subclipse home page there are more information about the subclipse graph plugin including installation instructions.

The subclipse team made several improvements to my contribution. I’m very happy about that. The Google Summer of Code was a great experience 🙂



  1. Pablo said

    I experience problems to see graphs on big-medium repositories (Apache, OpenOffice).

    The process to download the whole history of the repository is always aborted. And when I try it again the process starts from the beginning again.

    Is it usual?


    • gimenete said

      Hi Pablo!

      Sorry, I finished my contributions to the revision graph feature more than one year ago. You can ask for help in the subclipse mailing list.

      Thanks for using this feature.

  2. noob said


    I faced the same thing too. But I figured out its my silly mistake by invoking “Show Revision Graph” at the folder, instead of the file.

    After I invoke it on the file, I got it working. See Gimenete’s example at
    (look where the shaded selected area is on the plugin.xml, not the folder).

    Wondering if you faced the same thing too. Thanks.

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